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Dear Martin

Dear Martin, by Nic Stone (6th Grade and up)-

We wish we could be with our children as they navigate through the different decisions of their lives. Justiyce, the main character in this powerful read, tells his story through the narrative told in present day letters he writes to deceased civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


I recommend this book by Stone (author fav!!! Everything she touches is a tour de force!). This masterpiece is one that you will find yourself taking to and rooting for Justiyce as he encounters each and every social situation and hoping he makes strong decisions. We ache for him as he grieves, we fuss for him when he faces challenges, and we encourage him to discover who he is when he succeeds! There are so many talking points to this novel.


Yes, there is mature language with use of the f_, mf_, and n_ words, but don’t keep that as a barrier to either reading or assigning this book.


It’s a can't put down that won’t disappoint. Reading Rules!

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