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Genesis Begins Again

Mirror Mirror on the wall...what is beauty to us all?

Colorism—the definition tells us that it’s prejudice against dark skin tones, not to be confused with racism but there is definitely a connection! Genesis Begins Again (grades 4/5-8) is a must read for ALL children who go through the perils of trying to determine what’s good enough.


Alicia D. Williams hits a grand slam in her exploration of self love and respect at the expense of self worth. This debut masterpiece explicitly takes us on the Paper Bag journey and demonstrates how the image of beauty, not limited to just American culture, permeates souls. Topics of cliques, eviction, alcoholism, OCD, and recognizing meaningful relationships are intertwined with a rich history of singing greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, and Billie Holiday make you want to go grab their biographies after reading this one! Lessons in the importance of recognizing being a good person is more important than being popular—times might be lonely, but, if you recognize who you really are, you are never alone—your people are out their waiting for you.


If I could give this one 10 out of five stars...wait , I just did! Enjoy and Happy Reading! (Grades 4/5-8 and up...)

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