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Dispossesion by Tayari Jones

Tayari Jones Releases an Audible Original

Written by Tayari Jones and performed by Gabrielle Union comes unflinching story about mothers and sons that will leave listeners reeling for days.

Motherhood isn’t easy, especially when you’re a mother of a Black son. Ten years ago, Cheryl jumped at the chance to send her son, Javonte, to an exclusive boarding school in New England—far away from Atlanta and the violence of the city streets. It was the American dream, or was it? Now settled in Vermont, Javonte is married and well-employed, but Cheryl hardly ever sees him, and when she does, her own son seems like someone she only used to know. So, when Javonte announces he’s coming home to Atlanta for MLK weekend, Cheryl calls off work, thinking this could be their chance to reconnect.

But a few days before the visit, Javonte cancels his trip.

After begging for the hours back at the white-glove moving company where she works, Cheryl accepts a last-minute gig in her own neighborhood, cheered by the idea of a Black family moving on to bigger and better. But on her way to the job site, Cheryl learns the home’s occupants aren’t moving by choice. Over the next several hours, Cheryl must reckon with her own unresolved past in this searing story about family, race, and the lasting consequences of a choice that can’t be taken back.

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