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YA Review Genesis Begins again

Quill's Corner - Genesis Begins Again

Jordan Anne Reviews Genesis Begins AgainI’m Jordan J and this is my review of Genesis Begins Again. 

Meet Genesis, the girl who keeps a list of reasons why she doesn’t like herself, starting with her dark skin. She’s heard all the names, Charcoal, Gorilla, and Eggplant.  It would all just be easier to be light skinned like her mother. All her troubles would just go away. But unlike her mother, she is dark, black, and 100% not light.  When her family moves to Farmington Acre, Genesis is finally in the type of suburban house she has only dreamed of. When Genesis starts going to the neighborhood school, she discovers there might be something good when it comes to being herself, black and all. 

I rate this book a 5 out of 5. This story teaches you how to find all the great things inside and love yourself. When you read Genesis Begins Again, you will find yourself not wanting to put it down, and enjoying every single page until the end. Even though this book is not full of action, Genesis’ school and family drama more than make up for it.  This book will make you sad, happy, and even laugh out loud. 


Happy Reading!



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