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Reggie and Delilah's Year of Falling

Review: Reggie and Delilah's Year of Falling


Reggie and Deliah are almost nothing alike. Deliah is the lead singer of a band. She is quiet and goes with the flow. Reggie is a nerd. He’s a Dungeons and Dragons master and his family can’t quite understand him.


They don’t have anything in common, but somehow they end up falling for each. While trying to impress Deliah, Reggie tells a little white lie. Good intentions aside, the lie keeps on going and it might just be the one thing that ends their relationship.


This book will definitely be one of my favorite comfort stories. I had been skeptical when I first opened this book. I couldn’t immediately see. But it was definitely coming. Reggie and Deliah are so perfect for each other, I just had to cheer for them along the way.


  • Plot: I loved the plot of this book and how everything intertwined together. Delilah’s problematic band may or may not be as good as they appear and Reggie’s struggles with being himself wherever he is. I love how the two characters have different focuses that can be connected.
  • Pace: This book was agonizingly slow but that pace is perfect for the story. It seemed as if Reggie and Deliah were so close to figuring out how much the other person liked them but found a way not to believe in their relationship. This run around was infuriating, but trust me it is worth it. They actually have time to meet and really get to know the other person.
  • Authenticity and Blackness: One of the main issues in the book is discovering what blackness should look like. Elise Bryant does a great job showing what it's like to feel your blackness is being tested, and how being black isn’t dependant on one characteristic.
  • Overall: The only thing I didn’t like in this book was the miscommunication problems. The first few times it was ok. But after that, it started getting annoying.

Overall I loved this book and would read it again and again.

Recommended for: Anyone who likes slow and sweet romance.

Perfect for: Long rainy days and plane rides.

Rating: 4 hearts


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